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Green Features

We think that you will never see homes as lovely without the trees.

Not only are we reducing the harmful impact on our environment, we're restoring a natural balance. Everywhere in our community, nature's stunning beauty is protected and encouraged. With a dedication to creating a sustainable community, we have introduced a groundbreaking water filtration and preservation system. Our revolutionary home designs combine with the latest technologies to create an energy-efficient lifestyle that, not only cuts needless waste, but saves you money as well.

Want to learn more about our other green efforts? Check out our Interactive Green Home.

old-growth trees

Hundreds of massive oaks, magnolias and other old-growth trees are natural features, rarely found in a new community. But at Oak Terrace Preserve, we have lovely preserved each of our trees through a painstaking inventory/management process. Damaged trees have been restored to health, and there is plenty of space for them to flourish.

parks and greenspaces

Oak Terrace Preserve is sprinkled with 17 pocket parks, which protect our trees and create shaded destinations for a family picnic or leisurely a stroll. Our run/walk fitness trail encircles the 50-acre community and is made of recycled pliable rubber so exercising is comfortable and convenient.

managing runoff

Bio-swales, backyard rain gardens, permeable alleys and walkways - these are some of the features of our unique stormwater management system. Runoff water is filtered naturally of harmful contaminants before reentering the soil and replenishing the surrounding watershed. So you can live healthier.